About us

Consulting center Success is providing the services in the field of legal and accounting support, event management and business tourism.

Our services:

  • An individual supervision during Olympic Games in Sochi 2014

We can develop a visit program to Russia and its budget, advice and search for an appropriate hotels and convenient tickets, provide a booking supervision, develop and calculate transport logistics, arrange and conduct pre-tour (cultural or business) to St. Petersburg, provide additional information about Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, give recommendations to foreign guests what is worth paying attention or avoiding within this global sport event in Russia.

  • Delegations supervision

We can develop a visit program and its budget, advice and search for an appropriate hotels and convenient tickets, do a booking supervision, develop transport logistics in St. Petersburg, accompany business events, organize cultural tourism.

  • Foreign companies` branches registration

We can help to open a branch, representative office or a separate office of your company in St. Petersburg, assist in the registration of a trademark, organize an accounting record-keeping due to the Russian Federation standards.

  • Searching of business partners

We can help you to draw up a partners request form, develop a commercial offer, conduct the market research, make an appointment and accompany the negotiations.

  • Organization of business visits to companies

We can help you to draw up the visit request form, find core businesses, develop the program, set up a meeting, accompany you during the visit.

  • Market research

We can conduct the market research, analyze its results and provide you with them.

  • Organization of corporate and educational events

We can organize celebration, trainings, workshops or any other event. We develop the concept, program and budget, do comprehensive preparations including event hosting and event-reporting.

We can set successful partnership with your company as:

  • Founders of our company are the members of Junior Chamber International. We are experienced in cross-cultural communication, business and corporate event hosting, supervision of deligations.
  • We have competent english-speaking employees with a high level of communication. It provides a higher performance and an effective management. That is why your project will be supervised with a high-qualified manager.
  • Our partners are reliable and trusted by years of collaboration. You may take us into confidence for sure.
  • We love our city, the cultural capital of Russia, and may suggest the best guided tours in Saint Petersburg.


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